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"May holidays are synonymous with a good rest. But today, because of the pandemic, it is difficult to plan long-distance travel, however, this is not necessary.
Not far from Moscow there is a Boutique Hotel RODNIKI, which has everything for a comfortable stay in nature"
"The main advantages of the Boutique Hotel RODNIKI are untouched nature with relative proximity to Moscow and stylish interiors. It is located in a quiet, secluded place 80 kilometers from the city. There are only 6 cottages in the hotel, there are not many rooms, and this allows you to arrange a private event, even if you have a chamber wedding for 50 invited guests. We tell you about all the nuances of the celebrations in the secluded
Boutique hotel RODNIKI.

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"The destination is the Boutique Hotel RODNIKI, located just 80 km from Moscow, not far from the sights of the Golden Ring. On Christmas holidays, you can visit the Holy Trinity Lavra and the Spas-Bethany Monastery, or do not leave the RODNIKI at all - there will definitely be something to do.
Against the background of exemplary Central Russian landscapes, as in Levitan's canvases, there are six designer cottages with panoramic windows and a fireplace. There will be a live Christmas tree in the living room of each room for the Christmas holidays and, of course, as it should be in fairy tales, under it you will find a gift prepared by the hotel."

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"The weather outside the window is depressing and chilly even from one kind of snow?
There is a way out — go to the country Boutique Hotel RODNIKI!
The forest air, an exclusive cozy cottage with wood crackling in the fireplace, unusual spa treatments and a Japanese barrel will dispel your melancholy.
Soul and body will be asked to come back here again!"

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"Where to go on March 8: the scenario of an ideal holiday.
We have found the perfect place where you will feel the onset of spring and feel the holiday, International Women's Day, to the fullest – the Boutique Hotel RODNIKI.
The hotel is located 80 kilometers from Moscow and will help you forget about working days and plunge you into a fabulous holiday atmosphere.
The purest air, the magnificent landscape, the mesmerizing silence of the primeval forest – this is what we all lack after a long winter."
601606, Russia, Vladimir Oblast, Alexandrovsky District, 80 Kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road
601606, Russia, Vladimir Oblast, Alexandrovsky District, 80 Kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road