We offer our guests to diversify their holidays and invite them to travel to the ancient cities and holy places of Russia.

Boutique Hotel RODNIKI is conveniently located surrounded by a number of cities of the Golden Ring, which allows you to get to them quickly and comfortably. Going on a trip from our hotel, you do not waste time getting out of Moscow, thanks to which you will have time to visit many more interesting places during the day.

All our excursions are individual and tailored to your interests and wishes.
You will be able to see not only famous historical and cultural places and cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, but also those pearls of the Russian land that travelers rarely visit.

The HOLY TRINITY SERGIUS LAVRA was founded in the XIV century by St. Sergius of Radonezh and throughout its history has always been the historical, cultural and religious center of the Russian land.

The GETHSEMANE Chernigov MONASTERY is a monastery compound, includes the only man—made caves and a unique complex of temples in the central region of Russia.

The SPASO-BETHANY MONASTERY — the interior of the main cathedral of the monastery is unique in that an artificial mountain has been created inside it, symbolizing Mount Tabor.

The RATTLING KEY is a wonderful spring that arose through the prayer of Sergius of Radonezh, surrounded by a complex of beautiful wooden buildings in the style of the Russian north.

The POKROVSKY KHOTKOVSKY CONVENT is one of the most ancient in Russia, the resting place of the parents of Sergius of Radonezh — the Venerable Cyril and Mary.

ALEXANDROVSKAYA SLOBODA is the oldest suburban royal residence, the famous "oprichnaya capital", now it is a palace and park ensemble with unique expositions.

HOLY TRINITY STEPHANO-MAHRISHCHI CONVENT- Stefano is a very beautiful monastery, the resting place of St. Stephen, the Mahrishchi wonderworker.

ABRAMTSEVO is a historical, artistic and literary museum—reserve associated with a number of famous artists, actors and writers.

VLADIMIR is one of the most important cities of the Golden Ring, where unique historical and cultural monuments are located, as well as museums with interesting expositions.

SUZDAL is an ancient Russian city that has preserved its flavor, a museum of ancient Russian architecture and everyday life in the open air.

BOGOLYUBOVO is the location of the Holy Bogolyubsky Monastery with the miraculous Bogolyubsky icon of the Theotokos and the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, which is unique in beauty.

Depending on the preferences of our guests, we organize excursions of different intensity and duration. If you wish, we can plan for you a multi-day route to more remote cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, such as Murom and Yaroslavl.

In any case, your trip will be organized at the highest level.

Traveling with us will provide an unforgettable experience, give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity and get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of the Russian land.
601606, Russia, Vladimir Oblast, Alexandrovsky District, 80 Kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road
601606, Russia, Vladimir Oblast, Alexandrovsky District, 80 Kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road